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3 Ways to Take Your Sex Life to the Next Level

So you your bae have been together for however long, and it’s starting to seem like you’ve gotten into some lame routine where foreplay and sex almost seem like an everyday-is-the-same-as-yesterday mentality. You need to spice things up, and you need to do it quickly. The best way to take your sex life to the next level is by trying something you’ve never tried before!

1. Soft Bondage

Want OMG Sex?

If you’ve never experienced it, being tied to the bed and blindfolded while your partner takes full control of your body can be an exhilarating and extremely pleasurable experience. As long as you’re with someone you trust, let go of your inhibitions and try it.

2. Anal

Want OMG Sex?
Want OMG Sex?
Want OMG Sex?

Introducing anal play can be tricky if you’ve never tried it before, or if you have someone else’s bad opinion on the matter because he/she did not do it correctly. If you’re comfortable, use plenty of lube and maybe a small plug to get started. Remember to take it slow and enjoy the ride!

3. Mutual Masturbation

Want OMG Sex?
Want OMG Sex?

Sometimes the best thing you can do is take care of you – right next to him. Sit facing one another and bring out the vibrator for you and maybe a masturbator for him. Enjoy the sights and sounds of your partner pleasing himself while you do the same. You’ll be surprised at how hot the experience can be!
These are just a few examples of ways to spice up your sexy time with your partner when it gets to the point where things are not-so-spicy anymore. Give them a try or come up with some new ones of your own!

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