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Buying My First Toy

There is a stigma around female masturbation, it’s true. I remember watching Roseanne as a kid, and seeing Dan Connor talk to the young son DJ about masturbation and how it was a normal thing to do—“everyone does it, but nobody talks about it.” I never saw any TV moms have that conversation with their daughters. The closest any show ever came was Degrassi—when Clare steals a vibrator from under her teacher’s bed… (Ignore the urge to cringe). And when her mother finds out she has it, the words she chooses to use are “sick” and “disgusting”. Incidentally, that was how I first learned what a vibrator was.

We never saw female masturbation represented in the media, and therefore we never talked about it. Just like most girls, I never talked about it. Then something happened—I got to Smith College, where, suddenly people were talking about it. After a few weeks, I went to a store downtown and got my first vibrator. I went in, expecting to discreetly go up to a shelf of vibrators, grab the first thing I saw, and run out — wearing sunglasses and a trench coat all the while. So when the woman behind the counter asked me what I was looking for, and what my price range was, just like a woman at a shoe store, it changed my life. Over the years, I have collected an arsenal of vibrators. Among my favorites, is my Hitachi Magic Wand. It’s powerful and gentle all at the same time. It can be a slow and thorough lover, or a quick-n-dirty stress relief. There’s nothing like the magic wand to get you through that final paper. Why chain-smoke and pull your hair out, when you can send ripples of ecstasy through your body. Well, to each her own. But I will never forget the day I called the Hitachi Magic Wand my own.


Buying My First Toy
Buying My First Toy

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