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3 Reasons Why Great Women Stay in Bad Relationships

  We all have that girlfriend. You know the one– awesome, successful, beautiful, got it goin’– who is dating that loser, when clearly, she could totally do better. (Maybe that girlfriend is you.) You’ve

The 3 Questions Everyone Has About Lube

Lube may seem like a trivial item in between the sheets but it’s the key to taking your pleasure to entirely new realms. When you’re in need of extra sensation, grab a warming lubricant

What is a Clit Stimulator

If you like your vibrator, you’re in for orgasms from an entirely different realm when you use a clit stimulator. These new adult toys are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. However, since they

What’s the Big O about Lelo Clit Toys?

Take a look at any online adult store and you’ll likely see a section full of every Lelo clit toy imaginable. They’re an excellent product from a quality brand, and ladies love them! But

What’s New with The Womanizer Plus?

Stats Prove Ultimate Pleasure with New Womanizer Plus While most Womanizer + reviews tell you about a personal experience, I’m going to do the complete opposite. Today, I’m talking about everyone else’s experience. No,

Enjoy Pleasure Again

With Breast Cancer Awareness month already here, we decided it was important to talk about what happens with sex during the arduous process during and after treatment. Chemotherapy may launch young survivors into premature

New Age Vibrations with Kiiroo Pearl

Meet Pearl a new-age, technologically advanced G-spot vibrator designed to satisfy your most adventurous needs. You can have an evening of solo-play or an intimate experience with your partner online. However you choose to

10 Ways to Make Masturbation EVEN BETTER

We already know that masturbation is pretty amazing all by itself. Because it involves you…all by YOURself. But what if we told you there were a few little tricks you could try to take

Sex: More than Just Penetration

Whoa now! Simmer down. I’m not saying that penetration isn’t a sexual act. I’m just getting tired of this orthodox definition. “Oh, you’ve only been with women? That makes you a gold star!” Which

Hands Down: The Womanizer will Blow You Away

  What is The Womanizer? All hyperbole aside, The Womanizer is a complete and total game-charger for the way you love to orgasm. The way it stimulates is unique and unlike anything on the market. In