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Intimacy; what is intimacy in today’s modern world of hook-ups, emotionless sex, and random rendezvous? We live in a world full of sex, hookup apps, pornographic films, images, innuendos, 50 Shades of Grey and

3 Reasons Why Great Women Stay in Bad Relationships

  We all have that girlfriend. You know the one– awesome, successful, beautiful, got it goin’– who is dating that loser, when clearly, she could totally do better. (Maybe that girlfriend is you.) You’ve

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Whoa now! Simmer down. I’m not saying that penetration isn’t a sexual act. I’m just getting tired of this orthodox definition. “Oh, you’ve only been with women? That makes you a gold star!” Which

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It doesn’t comes as a surprise that women are generally more selective when it choosing sex partners (sorry, not sorry). This is because of basic supply and demand – women are simply sought after

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