Who Knew? Masturbation Statistics That Will Shock You

Let’s talk solo play! Masturbation is great. Almost everyone does it –  not everyone admits it – but it’s something we shouldn’t be embarrassed about. After all, why does self-pleasure need to involve self-shame?

The Importance of Real Intimacy and How to Achieve it with Sex Toys

Intimacy; what is intimacy in today’s modern world of hook-ups, emotionless sex, and random rendezvous? We live in a world full of sex, hookup apps, pornographic films, images, innuendos, 50 Shades of Grey and

Masturbation Breaks in the Workplace to Combat Stress

  As you read the title of this article, you likely thought, “voyeurism charges!” And you bet! Masturbating anywhere other than in the privacy of your own home can land you in some serious

Introducing the Womanizer 2GO

There’s something so sexy and arousing about being in a new place. It’s like the second you step onto a plane or into a tropical destination, your sexual inhibitions take over. There’s nothing you

3 Reasons Why Great Women Stay in Bad Relationships

  We all have that girlfriend. You know the one– awesome, successful, beautiful, got it goin’– who is dating that loser, when clearly, she could totally do better. (Maybe that girlfriend is you.) You’ve

The 3 Questions Everyone Has About Lube

Lube may seem like a trivial item in between the sheets but it’s the key to taking your pleasure to entirely new realms. When you’re in need of extra sensation, grab a warming lubricant

Dipping Into Bondage: The How To for Couples

Ever since 50 Shades of Grey came out, couples across the globe have realized how boring their sex lives have become! Then, 50 Shades Darker came out and even strictly-missionary-love-making couples are curious about

What is a Clit Stimulator

If you like your vibrator, you’re in for orgasms from an entirely different realm when you use a clit stimulator. These new adult toys are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. However, since they

What’s the Big O about Lelo Clit Toys?

Take a look at any online adult store and you’ll likely see a section full of every Lelo clit toy imaginable. They’re an excellent product from a quality brand, and ladies love them! But

What’s New with The Womanizer Plus?

Stats Prove Ultimate Pleasure with New Womanizer Plus While most Womanizer + reviews tell you about a personal experience, I’m going to do the complete opposite. Today, I’m talking about everyone else’s experience. No,